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e-Conference Process Analysis & Costing


On this page you will find a recording of all sessions at the e-Conference about process analysis & costing. Along with the recordings, you can download the session slides and review Q&A. 

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What is Process Analysis - Ted Twaalfhoven (Engage Process)
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Analysis is more than just numbers

When we analyse processes, it is about much more than just looking at the numbers. We need to look behind the numbers to find the true improvements.

Ted Twaalfhoven, CEO of Engage Process, explains what you should take into account.


How Analysis Works - Pascal van der Waa (Engage Process)
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How do you use the Engage Process platform in practice?

Running statistical, numerical and other analyses of processes can be done easily in our platform. This gives you an accurate view of the current situation and an outlook on potential gains.

Pascal van der Waa shows how analysis works and what functions to use in different situations.


Analysis & Costing at Edinburgh Council - Martyn & Kostadin (City of Edinburgh Council)
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Learn how Edinburgh Council applied analysis

The City of Edinburgh Council faces budget challenges and is taking a proactive approach. Learn how they applied lean (automation) to find savings in two case studies.

Martyn Thompson discusses the approach they take, followed by a real life example shared by Kostadin Sorchev.


Process Costing at Sedgemoor - Paul & Matthew (Sedgemoor District Council)
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Learn how Sedgemoor uses analysis for transformation

Sedgemoor District Council is undertaking a digital transformation program aimed at improving services and saving cost.
Paul Davidson shows what their approach is, followed by an overview of what this looks like in practice by Matthew Davidson.


An overview of all questions and answers

We answered all questions during the session and summarized them in one file. Make sure to review the recordings for some of the answers


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