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e-Conference Organisational Buy-In


Find all the recordings and slides from our most recent E-Conference on Organisational Buy In. Feel free to watch the sessions in your own time and download the accompanying slides. 

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Getting Organisational Buy In - Ted Twaalfhoven (Engage Process)
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Organisational Buy In and World Class Manufacturing 

Applying Lean methodologies from industrial practices to a modern service based processes with multiple outcomes, can yield some promising results and lessons. 

Ted Twaalfhoven, CEO of Engage Process, bring his experience of Lean production and methodology to successful transformation. 


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Vision 21 Change Programme  - Georgina Nijjar (Leeds Federated Housing Association)
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Learn from the Successful Vision21 Program

Three years ago, Leeds Federated started their Vision21 program, aimed at making the organisation more client focused, digital and of course, efficient. With a whole organisation participating, buy-in was crucial.

Vision21 is now closing successfully. Hear Georgina Nijjar's reflection of the lessons learned in 3 years of transformation.



An overview of all questions and answers

We answered all questions during the session and summarized them in one file. Make sure to review the recordings for some of the answers


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