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Public Technology Live
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In March 2021, we attended the Public Technology annual conference. Together with Rachael Dixon of Sedgemoor Distric Council, we hosted our own session about why it's important to put process management at the heart of your transformation efforts. During the session, Rachael shared the experiences and results of the council regarding this topic.

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Public Technology Live


Putting process improvement at the heart of Digital Transformation
Ted Twaalfhoven P T


Ted Twaalfhoven - Engage Process

During his presentation, Ted gives a brief explanation on why process management should be used as a foundation for different management programmes, including digital transformation.

Process Redesign at Sedgemor District Council
Rachael DIxon P T


Rachael Dixon - Sedgemoor District Council

Rachael Dixon from Sedgemoor District council to share their story of putting processes at the heart of digital transformation. Rachael explained how they were able to show a 65% reduction in time and cost to manage collection of tax and freedom of information requests.

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