1. We have introduced Teamboard for a select group of access levels, you will find a separate section on this added to the release note. 

2. All icons in the ribbon have been replaced by vector icons, which  improve resolution and have a refreshed design.

3. All Engage Process applications now have their own logo.

4. The colour scheme of each application is changed to make them easier to recognise.

5. The login screen has been brushed up.


1. You can now close all diagrams with one click, or close all except the current diagram.

2. The order of properties with multiple values (roles, apps, etc.) can now be changed to list the most important one at the top.

3. Analysis now has a function to automatically determine the critical path. This feature replaces the former Evaluate Path.

4. Searching in projects (File, Project, Search) now also shows diagram names.

5. Modeler now has a feedback indicator.

6. The user can now retry locking a diagram if saving has failed due to locking issues.

7. Features in the Tables tab in the ribbon are now hidden for users who are not authorised to edit Tables.

8. Analysis will not show overall process results when a start is selected, as this was duplicated in the step result.

9. Document indicators show how many documents are added to an activity if there is more than one.

10. Including subprocesses now also works for subprocesses with go-to steps from outside the subprocess.

11. Statistics are now also shown per activity type.

12. We have added a Go-To button, making it easier to leverage Drag & Drop functionality.

13. Steps are not assigned a default name, but instead stay blank if a name has not been added.

14. We have added a notes field of which the functionality is like description and remarks fields, and can be edited in the diagram and notes screen.

15. Text blocks can be copied and pasted, which is useful for text blocks with style changes.

16. Go-To’s of subprocess now have lines that connect to the main process flow, making them easier to follow.

17. Fixed fields of items from Tables are now also shown in the property editor in the Modeler.


1. Viewer now has a feedback indicator

2. Viewer links can be a shown in a tab on Microsoft Teams

3. The ribbon includes back/home/forward buttons for easier navigation

4. Document indicators show how many documents are added if there is more than one.


1. We have added Teamboard as a new application to the Engage Process Suite platform, which is accessible free of charge for all Gold, Platinum and Enterprise level customers.

2. Teamboard allows you to create items, tasks and track their status for a number of users on the platform. It is a solution that is integrated with our platform, yet can be used as a standalone productivity and collaboration tool.

3. Items you create can be connected to processes to clarify to which process they apply.

4. You will need to create new users or authorise existing ones to be able to access this feature.

5. Please review the launch event taking place on the 6th of November and/or review the embedded manual and instruction video’s.


1. Information that was added when submitting a diagram is now visible, making it part of the evaluation of a reviewer.


1. There are added possibilities for cross reference reports with multiple columns. Values can be split or combined across multiple columns. This is mainly targeted at GDPR reporting.

2. There is a new report for input/output per step.

3. You can add more process information for cross reference reports at project level.

Settings & Dashboard

1. The administrator can now switch off all notifications in one place.

2. We have retired HTTP connections and only support HTTPS.

3. All overviews now include the number of records/rows in the report.

Training & Services


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