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Process Improvement

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The Engage Process Suite digitalises process improvement, from the first workshop to publishing and executing on improvement. Get in touch with us for a demo or start your free 30-day trial on the bottom of this page.

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Manage Crisis: The New Normal

COVID-19 not only demands that we do our work different, it demands that our organisations do different work. We support you to coordinate today's tasks effectively from home and allow you to redesign your organisation's process at a faster pace than ever, whilst the team works remotely.

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Online Workshops

Get the team together in online workshops to map processes, analyse how you can improve and move straight into implementation.



Continuous Improvement

Publish processes digitally, gather feedback from your organisation and link to internal resources to guide employees.



Collaborate Online

Structure remote flexible working in a single collaboration space that is always accessible and always up to date

Online Process Improvement Platform

Modeler: Online Process Workshops

The Engage Process Modeler is the design environment in which you can map, analyse & improve your business processes.

  • The Process Logic Engine automatically designs your processes and checks for logic
  • Focus on analysing improvements and adding detail to your processes
  • Use the Modeler during workshops, as a replacement for Brown Paper sessions
  • Make processes negotiable and understandable throughout the organisation
Modeler Workshop

Viewer: Online Sharing & Feedback

The Engage Process Viewer is the read only digital viewing environment for your organisation. Processes mapped in the Modeler are shared to the Viewer instantly.

  • View shared processes in the browser or with the Viewer-app
  • Show all the details that are included in the process
  • Use the intergrated Feedback module to support continuous improvement
  • Make a handbook for your employees
VIewer Feedback Online

Teamboard: Online Collaboration

The Engage Process Teamboard is a collaboration platform which enables teams to work efficiently in a flexible but structured way.

  • Visualise and divide workload
  • Create an overview of tasks, activities and deadlines
  • Use Teamboard for project management, Continuous Improvement & Audits
  • Maintain focus for your team
Teamboard Workshop

Webinar: Remote Process Workshops

Available On Demand

We are organising a workshop on how to successfully organise a remote process workshop with the Engage Process Suite. The webinar will include the following: 

  • How to run remote process workshops
  • Sharing results and gathering feedback
  • Running online brainstorm sessions
  • A demonstration of the Engage Process Suite

On Demand: Workshops

Webinar: Collaborate with Teamboard

Available On Demand

This webinar introduces Teamboard, focusing on those topics that are crucial during this time. Join us to learn more about how you can structure online collaboration:

  • How Teamboard brings structure to flexible working
  • The way teams can collaborate online
  • Different use cases for Teamboard
  • A demonstration of Teamboard

On Demand: Teamboard

Remote Process Workshop

Remote Workshops: How does that work?

Over the past 20 years we have learned that process discovery is a workshop with post-it notes. Today, when process redesign is more needed that ever, your team cannot gather to form a crisis response. 

Read what you need for an online workshop and how to organise follow-up, so you drive immediate results to adapt to the new normal.Read Blog

Easier, More Effective Business Process Management

Let us show you how easier and more effective process management software helps you drive improvements across your organisation. 

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