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Simple, Intuitive Process Management Software

 One platform to mapanalyse, improve and share your business processes with your organisation.
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Our Mission: Make Process Management Easy

Digital Transformation, Continuous Improvement and many other initiatives all have one thing in common: their success is defined by your ability to change culture, people and processes. Our platform is built to empower teams and involve them in process changes, driving better adoption and ensuring your whole organisation is part of your journey.


Process Logic Engine

Ever had to change the layout of a process map? Our Process Logic Engine gives drag & drop functionality, automates structuring and checks logic. Mapping was never easier.


Visual & Easy-to-Understand

Empowerment is about putting teams in charge. We use easy , visual icons for each step so they don't have to be an expert. Prefer BPMN? Not to worry, you can change them at the click of a button.


Share, Improve, Collaborate

Process improvement never stops and is a team effort. Our platform includes a process sharing environment, feedback functions and a Scrum/Agile execution board.


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Engage Process Suite Components

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Easy & Powerful Process Mapping

  • Automated Process Logic Engine
  • Centralised attributes (apps, documents, roles)
  • One-click analysis tools
  • User authorisation


Sharing Platform With Feedback

  • Read only sharing platform
  • Desktop feedback module
  • SwitchView: value streams & swimlanes with one click
  • Visual icons or BPMN notation
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Structure Flexible Teamwork

  • Create cards to organise your work items
  • Add tasks and assign them to team members
  • Manage deadlines, priority and impact
  • Stay in control of projects and audits

What Others Say

Case Studies

Newsweek: "Best Business Tool of 2019"

Engage Process was ranked as Top 10 best business tools of 2019, in the category Business Process Management Software, by leading magazine Newsweek, read all about it here.


Capterra: Rated 4.5 out 5

Over 95% of users renew their subscription every year.

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