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Return-on-Investment Calculator

Are you wondering whether an investment in our platform pays off? Great news: this guide explains how you can use our platform to find an answer to that question. It shows how to use embedded features to build a business case around the improvement of your core processes.


What's in the guide?

We are convinced our platform will do a great job at any organisation. Yet, we agree that no investment decision should be taken lightly. That's what this guide will help you with; deciding whether we are the right investment for you.

This guide is written for those who are involved in selecting business analysis and/or improvement tools in their organisation and would like guidance in getting to the right numbers. It aims to provide steps, not answers- we like to keep things objective.

You will learn: 

  • Which analysis features to use in our platform
  • What steps to take to determine improvements and calculate benefits
  • How to download and incorporate that information in a business case

About the Author


Pascal van der Waa
Consultant & Trainer, Engage Process 

Engage Process delivers powerful and easy to use Lean tools in order to make process management and process design available to everyone. We enable organisation to efficiently capture, design, maintain and communicate their processes.