Why invest in process management?

Understanding what is actually entailed in the delivery of products and services, not simply the ideal process when everything runs smoothly, is important for organisations that are hoping to improve efficiency and maximise their return on investment.

Process management provides an opportunity to delve more deeply into the issues faced throughout the production or service process that can require extra cost, time and resources to resolve. It is also a way for companies to show they care about the problems their employees face, helping to drive engagement and make individuals feel more empowered.

While many companies may appreciate these problems do arise, without bringing together the individuals who work on these projects day-to-day and asking them to quantify and record a realistic flow of work, these issues can go unnoticed and will add up to a loss in performance over time.

How does process management work?

The visualisation of processes and empowering multi-disciplinary teams around them is the key to process management programmes. Whilst the visualisation of the process is done physically in production and logistics companies, paper or digital methods are needed in administrative or service organisations.
Through a collaborative process of workshops, designed to gather information from all parties involved within a business, processes for the delivery of goods and services can be mapped out in full.
Using the Engage Process Suite, organisations are able to visualise their processes, highlighting areas where improvements can be made and ultimately helping to streamline and optimise their performance.
Individuals are also empowered by the fact their voices and concerns are being heard, ensuring there is lasting buy-in to make thoughtful, value-adding changes to the way processes operate.
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What is the right business process management software for me?

Allowing multi-disciplinary teams to understand, explore and discuss their own processes is essential to implementing business process management and driving improved performance.

The best tools and software must allow personnel to participate in the discussion without special training and offer in-depth functionality for comparative analysis, as well as being widely available to promote collaborative action and understanding.

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How to document processes and procedures effectively

The ability to clearly discuss and document processes and to analyse them for potential areas of improvement lies at the heart of business process management being an effective tool for operational improvement.

As such, understanding how to carry this out in practice - what are the steps to mapping, exploring and amending your processes? - is essential to success.

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How to implement a risk management and compliance process in your business

Risk management and compliance is increasingly important to every responsible business. It can mean the difference between success and failure when you are able to identify risks early and take steps to mitigate them.

Business process management can support your business to more effectively manage risk and its compliance requirements.

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What is business process mapping?

Business process mapping is the practice of visualising and assessing key operations within your organisation, examining them from start to finish and in detail.

It ensures the operating teams involved can better understand their own processes and their practices can be assessed and amended to enhance performance.

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