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From Kaizen To Six Sigma

Process management encompasses a host of activities that can help your business, but understanding which aspects are right for you from the many doctrines that are out there is not always easy. In this whitepaper, we set out the major benefits of undertaking a continuous improvement programme of process management for your organisation.


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What's in the whitepaper?

We look at the different forms of continuous improvement and what they are good for, as well as showcasing the cumulative impact of a holistic approach to change management with a focus on individual empowerment, collaborative team-building and the steps needed to facilitate success.

In this whitepaper, we explain:

  • Why organisations should focus on continuous improvement in process management.
  • What are the 'Seven Stages of Success' for continuous improvement efforts to deliver the best results.
  • How the different steps of a successful continuous improvement programme can be carried out in practice.

Tailoring these efforts to maximise gains should be a unique undertaking for every business. Download your free copy of 'From Kaizen to Six Sigma: What process management style is right for you?' to find out more. 

About the Author

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Ted Twaalfhoven
CEO, Engage Process 

Engage Process delivers powerful and easy to use Lean tools in order to make process management and process design available to everyone. We enable organisation to efficiently capture, design, maintain and communicate their processes.