Starting your business process management from scratch

In this whitepaper, we detail the many benefits of business process management, helping organisations to understand its power to build collaboration, streamline operations and improve efficiency, while driving gains in finance and resource.
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What's in the whitepaper?

Process management can be a powerful tool for organisations to help streamline operations and to drive greater efficiency, engagement with staff and, ultimately, to help secure an improvement in performance across the board.

Every year, organisations are losing valuable time, money and resource through inefficient and misunderstood processes. This is a situation which simply cannot be allowed to continue. 

You will learn: 

  • What is business process management
  • The common reasons companies invest in process management
  • How process management can benefit your organisation
  • How process management works in practice
  • The steps to implementing an effective process management regime

About the Author

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Ted Twaalfhoven
CEO, Engage Process 

Engage Process delivers powerful and easy to use Lean tools in order to make process management and process design available to everyone. We enable organisation to efficiently capture, design, maintain and communicate their processes.