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Engage Process

Meet our Partners

Are you looking for an Engage Process Partner to provide expertise and support your project? Take a look at our current list and contact us today to get in touch. 
Partner List
  • Adviser Outsourcing (UK) Financial Services
  • Agilisys (UK) Public Sector, IT and Services
  • Altair (UK) IT systems and Housing
  • Bobby Mulheir (UK) LocalGov
  • BT Kaizen (KE) Management Consulting 
  • Bulcaen Invest (BE) Investing
  • Dojo & Co. (USA) Dojo Education
  • Engine Advisory Group (USA) OpEx and Finance
  • eye-i.co.uk (UK)
  • F-ck Toolkit (UK) Process Improvement, LocalGov and Energy
  • GCE Consulting & Lumen-Insights (KE & TZ)
  • Goss Interactive (UK) Public Sector, IT and Services
  • Gunn Stewart Solutions (UK) Public Sector
  • Helo IT Change (UK) Housing
  • iESE (UK) LocalGov
  • Inner Circle Consulting (UK) Digital Transformation and LocalGov
  • Invati (UK) LocalGov
  • Jigsaw Tree (UK) Management Consulting
  • Larmer Brown (UK) E-Learning and Manufacturing
  • Lowes Lyons (UK) Public Sector
  • Nexus Consulting (UK) Management Consulting
  • Node4 (UK) Digital Transformation and LocalGov
  • Perago (UK) LocalGov
  • PilotWorks (UK) LocalGov
  • Ratcliffe Associates (UK) Public Sector
  • RedQuadrant (UK) LocalGov
  • ROC Technologies (UK) RPA, Digitalisation and Public Sector
  • Symphony (UK)
  • Tailwind Digital (UK) LocalGov
  • VKY (UK) RPA, LocalGov and Finance
  • We are Lean & Agile (UK) Public Sector and Management Consulting
  • zetVisions (DE) SAP